Friend Zone

Finding their selves in the terrified friend zone is a common scene for a lot of men. This scene is where a mostly man falls for a girl, who only regards her male comrade as brother type or a friend. Being stuck in a friend zone is heartbreaking for most men. But, where does this idea really comes from? Where does it originated? And who made it popular as it is today?

Defining Friend Zone

Escaping The Friend ZoneA lot of people know about friend zone meaning, but not its real origin. With its popularity, many people are already using this expression, so it is good to know about its derivation. In well known culture, friend zone denotes to a nonsexual relationship in which a person wants to go into a sexual or romantic relationship, whereas the other involved does not. Generally, it is recognized as an unwanted situation by a lovelorn person.

There are various explanations as to what causes an individual to be categorized in a friend zone by the other. It may result from mistaken signs or from the fear that an in depth relationship may put the friendship at risk. According to a writer from Chicago Tribune, there were a number of instances by which a person may become consigned to a friend zone. These instances include the following:

a) The person is not attracted enough to the other one.
b) A person mistook nonverbal signs from the other person indicating their awareness in making the relationship deeper.
c) The presence of sexual disgust, yet not enough to block the friendship.

When it comes to friendship amid two individuals, being consigned to a friend zone might occur to any person involved.

According to Marshall Fine from The Huffington Post, he suggested that a friend zone is comparable to a penalty box for dating, if your mere offense is not being unobtainable and buff. Ali Binazir, a dating adviser, characterized the friend zone as “JustFriendistan”. He even wrote that it is the territory only to be challenged incordiality by the Atacama, Western Sahara and Inferno (Dante). Another descriptor from Huffington Post, Kipp described himself for always being with his girlfriends who are “girls” but are just his “friends”, which means there is no sexual intimacy between them.

Ross Rachel

There is a common agreement that when a person already gets into the friend zone, it will be very difficult for them coming out. On the other hand, this is different from the report of Cosmopolitan magazine. According to the report, a friend-only relationship can potentially alter into a sexual one. This report was based on the part of 2001’s survey on which 71 percent of the participated individuals wished that they could fall in love with their friend.

Irrespective of the difficulties of the friend zone, there have been perceptions advanced on which a friend zone relationship may progress from the persistent possibility of being more than just a friend into something more in depth. Getting out of the friend zone: This is particularly possible when the friend zone relationship results to a continuing feeling of intimacy and trustworthiness.

The Origin of “Friend Zone” Term
Ross and RachelThe expression “friend zone” has been made well known by the 1994’s American sitcom known as Friends. Particularly, the term was used in one of the episodes in the sitcom with title “The One with the Blackout”. In this episode, Ross Geller’s character was very obsessed of Rachel Green by which described by the character of Joey Tribbiani for being the “Mayor of the Friend Zone”. According to its viewers, the query of whether the man could ever get out of the friend zone and start having a date with one of the female friends has helped allow the storyline of Rachel and Ross, a “Geek Dream Couple”, dramatically compelling.

In year 2005, the main character of “Just Friends” film, represented by Ryan Reynolds, joined up after 10 years with a female friend, who is represented by Amy Smart. The female character had actually informed her friend that she “loved him as a brother”, which essentially dashes any of his hopes loving her as his girlfriend. This only shows the possibility of men escaping the friend zone.

Just Friends

Being in the place of a friend zone is never a good idea. People who are being placed in this situation often find themselves feeling frustrated and down. Most of them even feel totally helpless, looking for good advice hoping it to work. However, just like what the film mentioned earlier denotes, there are possibilities for all things. So, you want to use them and hope for a better outcome. Nobody wishes to be placed in such situation, enabling most people to do anything just to come out of it.

Reading these details mentioned above, you will surely have a better knowledge and understanding about friend zone meaning. So, if you are one of the persons who is in this situation, looking for the best ways to deal with is a good option.

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