How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone For Girls

Getting Out of the Friendzone: A Survival Guide for Women

Many girls believed that friendship can slowly blossom to something more. If that guy friend you see platonically for quite so long starts to strike romantic fanciness in you, you might probably find yourself eager to redefine the boundaries or restrictions of the relationship. Getting out of the friendzone can be simple for some. But, for those who are ruled by hesitations and fears, this task is not that easy.

Realigning or redefining the relationship might be an option but it can somehow be challenging especially if special feelings are already involved. The friend zone is not the place that you need if you have the desire of inhibiting your romantic intentions but the journey towards this revelation to the male friend that you like most can be really hard. However, you need not to lose hope and faith for you are graced with so many ways and options that can help you get out of the trap.

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There are techniques that can help you a lot in order to take an exit and get out of the friendzone completely. Let these techniques be your instrument to finally get out of frustration, reveal your romantic feeling and win the guy you been dreaming of and loving all this time. Here is a helpful survival guide for women that can help time win their friend zone battle:

  • Admit the Status

If you really have the desire of getting out of the friendzone, you have to admit that you are still in a friend zone status. Before your intention takes you somewhere else, you have to keep in mind that you are a girl wanting to redefine the borders of your relationship with your friend. Though you are aspiring to be more than friends with him, you first have to accept the status and consider this an advantage.

Join him if he invites you, spend more time with that guy and be there for him. Remember that friendship is still the best foundation of a strong and long lasting relationship. The more you stay around for him, the greater the chances of noticing your great qualities. This might be a good start for him to look at you more than friend.

  • Separate from Him or Date other Guy

Setting a distance or dating other guy might sound awkward but this can benefit you in way. Your friend might come to a realization that other people probably see an amazing girlfriend qualities in you that he fails to notice before and this might be a good start to see you on different lights. The good thing about this is that you are able to get out of the friend zone and at the same time enjoy other people’s company. Separation can also be a key to let your friend realize what life can be without you so that he will realize your worth and stop taking you for granted. If you do not give yourself even few minutes to miss you, he might never will.

  • Get out of the Friend zone by Overcoming your Fear

If you feel you wanted to go out or spend time with him, invite him to your house or ask him out. It would not be harm if girls are the ones making this effort. Stop being ruled by your fear instead always take the courage and determine to get out of the dreaded zone. One common reason why girls are stuck in a friend zone is that guys have no idea that their girl friends are romantically interested with them.

  • Confess your  Romantic Feelings

There are several ways on how you can make confessions. The best thing to do is to talk to him sincerely and confess what you truly feel for him. Tell him that it is hard to cross the boundary but let him realize that it is even harder to hide your feelings. Never end the conversation without asking his response about your confession to determine how they also feel about you and about the situation. This might be a simple and straightforward move but for most girls, this is the hardest part when getting out of the friendzone. However, you need to take the courage now before it is too late. Make sure that you make a good and sincere confession in private and quite place to ensure that both of you are in undisturbed state of mind.

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  • Change the Way you Look

Guys love surprises and they find these exciting. If you want to get out of the friendship zone, change your looks. Break that ordinary girl stereotype and start being more attractive, mysterious, deep and likeable. As you change your looks you can also showcase new talents that they do not see for the past years and these will surely make your guy fathom.

The fact that you did not tell him about this transformations as what typical friends do might make him totally amaze of you. With your brand new look, your friend might change the way he sees you all of a sudden. So if you are serious of getting out of the friendzone, try this technique and see for yourself how this can change your life.

  • Change your Habit and Attitude

If you still stick to habits or attitudes that your friend do not like lose your chance of getting out of the friendzone. It is hard for people to be around you and to love you if you are full of bitterness, hatred and negative attributes. You need to embrace changes and showcase the most lovable and likeable side of you. A slight change or adjustment in your habit or attitude or a complete change can definitely change the way on how your friend sees you.

Getting out of the friendship zone might be a hard battle, but this is a survival guide for women that they can follow in order to win the guy that they love and finally get out of the friend zone with him. You can now embrace a brand new start together still making the friendship part of the relationship foundation. 

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