Signs Of Friend Zone – How To Know If You Are In The Friend Zone With Him

Hello my strawberry shortcakes,

You guys have been requesting this topic and it’s all about the ‘Friend Zone’. So today, we’ll be discussing:

What’s the Friend Zone?
How do you fall into it?
How do you know you’re friend zoned?
How can you escape it?

This has to be the longest cold ever so excuse the sexy phlegm. It just won’t go away grr.

Just want to also clarify, I know I’m no love expert. I just based some of my own experience and understanding along with research (amongst books and lots of friends and peers for extra opinions and knowledge) to share various points of view.

Being able to move on to a relationship is all about timing and chemistry. Realise you can’t force both ways to feel mutual.

However, there may be ways that can trigger somebody to realise their feelings for you (if there are any). 

I believe a girl and a guy can’t be just VERY VERY VERY good friends. Well they can be but what I’m trying to say is, there’s always going to be some sort of attraction even if it’s a very very very small amount (despite people admitting this or not).

I don’t recommend confessing or doing anything drastic until you are more sure how he/she feels. That’s just my choice though.

I would measure out the consequences (especially if you’re afraid of ruining the friendship) before making the move so read the signs. Test the water before going for a swim. 

We’re focusing on having her/him see you in a different light. Subtly move out of the friend zone and spark up a little electricity and curiosity focusing on little flirting techniques. 

I hope you find the video helpful. If you have any tips and ideas, please comment and share the love! 

Good luck everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx

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